Planning Your Wedding, DYI

Planning your own wedding can be a very rewarding and a stressful experience all at the same time. Although you can always acquire the services of a wedding planner, there’s nothing more fantastic than the experience of taking a hands-on approach on planning this event.

If you want to take a DIY approach to wedding planning, below are some tips that can help you out.

1. Create a checklist

– having a checklist is handy to help you keep organized and focused when planning your wedding. That way, you can track whether you left out something or not and it also helps prevent you from making unnecessary and unplanned expenses.

2. Prepare a list of contact details

– from your tailor to the venue, you should always have a list of their contact details. Share it with your partner so that the two of you can call the offices for follow-ups before the day itself.

3. Make a list of your guests

– having this kind of list will help you estimate how many guests you are planning to invite. This will also help in determining how many guests you can actually invite depending on your budget.

4. Come up with a budget

– from the clothes to the food, you should have a list of your projected expenses for the wedding preparations. You should also remember to add a buffer of several extra dollars just in case unexpected expenses come up.

5. Prepare a program for your reception

– wedding receptions are boring if you only spend the time eating. So make sure to come up with a program for your reception. Make it something creative and something that will be memorable not only for you but for your guests as well.