Wedding Ring

The Wedding Ring

When two people get married, a wedding is given as a symbol of commitment, eternity, fidelity, honor and love. The couple may have been dating for less than a year or longer before deciding to tie the knot.

The groom will give two rings to the bride to be. The first is known as the engagement ring. It is here that the man will ask the woman if this person would like the idea of spending the remaining years as husband and wife.

Should the girl accept the offer, the couple will now announce this to friends and family so that the wedding preparations will be underway.

The second is the wedding ring. Usually, the couple will go to a store and buy one from the display case or have a pair custom made.

Most wedding rings are made of gold. This comes in yellow, white and pink. The pair who will be tying the knot can choose a plain design or have a pair that has a line with a combination of two colors.

At times, some diamonds are placed at various points of the ring. There is also an engraving in the center with the names of the couple and the date or some intimate words symbolizing the love for one another.

Gold regardless of color is either 14 or 18 karat. This will last for many years as long as it is cleaned.

There are some customers who choose to get a wedding ring made out of titanium. This is not advisable because it won't be that shiny anymore after less than a year of being worn.

This is the reason that some recommend tungsten instead. Those who choose to have a ring made of this metal should be sure that it contains carbide. This chemical helps keep it both shiny and scratch resistant, which is truly good, value for money.

Unfortunately, not everyone can use tungsten as a ring. The metal contains cobalt so those who have an allergic reaction once it comes into contact with the fingers should choose something else for the wedding ring.

Another popular metal among newly weds is platinum. This is color white and is heavier than gold. One advantage is that it does not have to be rhodium plated to keep it shining unlike gold.

Getting a piece of cloth will make it look good as new as though it came from the production line.

People should know that among all the metals used for wedding rings, platinum is the most expensive. The designs are also very limited so couples will have to choose between plain or studded with stones.

Those who are having a hard time in choosing which wedding ring to get can look at what is available in the jewelry store. The person can also check online if the samples being offered are not that good or look in magazines since manufacturers usually advertise it here.

To make sure that the wedding ring fits perfectly into the hands of the future husband and wife, the couple's third or fourth finger on the left hand must be measured by the sales clerk.

There are a lot of wedding stores that sell these rings. Those who don't know where to start can ask a friend or family member where the pair was bought since this is also part of the budget of the couple.

The wedding rings should be identical. The one for the man will probably be bigger while the woman will probably get something smaller.

It should not be too tight since this will make it difficult to take out and not too loose since this could fall. After the wedding ring is paid for and given to the couple, this should be entrusted to the best man who will be holding this until the part of the ceremony where both will profess the vows formally making the two husband and wife.

The search for the perfect wedding ring may take weeks or even months. Time must be set aside so that the couple will be able to find something that both will love and cherish which are exactly the same vows both will express to each other on that special date.



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