Wedding In Cyprus

Celebrating Your Wedding in Cyprus

It's easy to fall in love in Cyprus. It's a beautiful island surrounded by clear, calm, warm waters and it's one of the world's most favorite wedding spots. The easy year-round warm climate makes almost any day perfect for wedding vows. Not only that, Cyprus is the birthplace of the goddess of love herself, Aphrodite, so the island's connection to romance is not surprising.

Things to know about Cyprus
Cyprus is an island state located in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea south of Turkey. The official languages are Greek and Turkish, although English is widely spoken. Two of the major religions in the island are Greek Orthodoxy and Islam.

This historic island enjoys a dry Mediterranean climate and rainfall usually occurs in winter. One of its main sources of income tourism and the island maintains some of the most well-preserved sites in this part of the world. The fact that it has also been home to pirates of long ago only add to its unique charm.

Getting married in Cyprus
The marriage procedure in Cyprus is quite simple and couples from many countries have made this island witness to their wedding celebration. Cyprus requires both a passport and a visa, except for citizens of countries such as the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Norway and Japan.

Upon arrival in the island, the couple must apply personally to the Marriage Officer of the municipality that they have chosen. A Marriage License is then issued after verification of legal requirements, which are detailed below. The couple may then choose to be married by the Marriage Officer through a civil ceremony or have their wedding in a church by a Registered Minister.

Legal requirements
Both the bride and groom need valid passports and birth certificates. Witnesses, if not Cyprus nationals, will also be required to produce passports. An Affidavit signed by a notary public indicating the couple's marital status must also be submitted, complete with a date. Documents are only considered valid up to 6 months from signing.

The couple must then submit a signed marriage notice to the Marriage Officer. This must be accompanied by a statement that corroborates the information stated on the couple's passports.

If either one of the bride and groom had been married before, an original copy of a Decree Absolute must be presented or if either one had been widowed, a Death Certificate and a Marriage Certificate.

If either of or both the bride and groom are under 18, parental consent is required through an Affidavit that had passed through a solicitor. In the absence of the parents, a guardian's consent may suffice.

When these requirements have been satisfied, the wedding ceremony must be performed within 15 days or up to 3 months after the date of notice. If no wedding occurs, the Notice of Marriage and any proceeding thereafter will be considered void.

Cyprus bestows penalties to any individual who willfully issues a false statement in any required document presented and the violation may mean imprisonment.

Church ceremony
If both parties are Catholic, they should present their baptism certificate. If Anglican, at least one of them should have been baptized. A certified copy of the couple's Marriage Certificate is forwarded to the Consulate of the country or countries to which the married couple are subjects.

Weddings in Cyprus are legal and recognized everywhere else, so that marriage certificate is legally binding. In case you lose it, you can always request for a duplicate from the municipality you got married in.

Where to get married in Cyprus
With so many beautiful locations in Cyprus, it might take you some time to pick only one. Many hotels, gardens and restaurants may be used both for the wedding ceremony and the reception, although other choices are available. Choose any of the many churches in Cyprus, or ask about areas near historical sights. Or, pay homage to the island's beautiful shoreline and have a beach wedding.

Many companies (some of which are run by U.K. nationals) can arrange Cyprus weddings and reception, complete with packages that include food, drinks, limo service and accommodation. All you have to do is get dressed and be there.

To know what your options are and to get an idea of how your wedding in Cyprus would be like, check out these sites:, and For legal information, check out



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