Bridal Registry

The Bridal Registry

When two people decide to get married, a lot of planning is involved to make that date a memorable one. The wardrobe of the spouses will be made, the venue of the wedding and the reception have to be agreed on including how much will be spent for everything.

Months before the wedding, it will be a good idea to sign up for a bridal registry. This will surely help the spouses get specific things for the new home instead of having to buy it from the store.

Who invented the idea of a bridal registry? This was first done many years ago in a Chicago based department store which first offered it to newly wed couples. A lot of retailers got hooked on the idea and almost everyone is doing it from the electronics store to the ones selling accessories for home improvement.

Most department stores offer this service. The engaged couple will just select the desired items from the selling area and the sales clerk will take note of everything. The representative can even help select some if the lovers are unsure of which item to get.

Some couples do not only register in one store. Some have done it in several ones especially when the brand that the lovers' want is not available in one place and is only available in the other.

A great way which will serve as a guide for which items to get for the bridal registry will be to think of the items that will be needed in the new home. This should match the color of the walls so it is able to blend in with the surroundings.

Other items, which may be needed in the last minute, can also be done by the store. After all, those who are counting the days done will be stressed out worrying about the other details.

When this is finished, the engaged party should inform family and friends about it to avoid getting a similar item as a wedding gift. This is usually done by having this printed on the invitation.

If the couple is close to those attending the event, it wouldn't hurt to do this by saying it up front. The same answer can be given to those who decide to ask.

Guests who are looking for a gift will be escorted around by the sales clerk explaining which items are the only ones left that have not been selected. If nothing is within the budget of those who want to buy a gift, the store can suggest giving a gift certificate instead as the present.

There are some who find the idea of a bridal registry offensive. This is because the couple is asking for something instead of just being thankful of whatever is given. On the other hand, it serves the purpose of only getting the essentials, which is why more people are doing the same thing.

There are incidents wherein the newly weds still get the same item perhaps because the guest did not have time to look at the bridal registry. Fortunately, most retailers will allow this to be exchanged for something else.

In fact, some couples have even went to the extent of registering for this online so that guests from out of town can check what gifts can be given for the wedding.

Aside from the usual home appliances that come from the bridal registry, others have decided to also add to the wish list certain things after the wedding. This can be the airfare for the dream honeymoon destination, a guided tour while staying there, a romantic dinner in a fancy restaurant and body care in a spa.

This is considered to be practical given that the couple has already spent so much for the wedding preparations.

Registries are also being done for newborn babies. Instead of those expensive items, toys and accessories are the usual things that parents ask for which will be very useful for the infant.

The wedding registry is simply a wish list. Not all of the items may be given during that special day but most of the items will surely be a big help for those who have decided to start a new life together as husband and wife.



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