Wedding Makeup

Make Yourself Up On Your Wedding Day

Her wedding day is the bride's special day. All eyes must be on her. If you saw "Monster-In-Law" there was this scene with Jennifer Lopez and Jane Fonda arguing about their gowns. Jane Fonda donned this flattering white dress, clearly to upstage the bride-to-be Lopez. Lopez was furious.

Beyond the dress, brides also ponder about their hairstyle and their make-up. You may be wearing the best designer gown that you can afford, but if you look like you put a stray cat on your head or had just rolled out of your bed, this will be the talk of your wedding, and not your dress.

For brides who have a background on how they look best, they can actually do the task themselves. If you are one of them, all you need are the right make-up products. Your wedding is worth buying new make-up for. Go for the brand your budget can afford.

Here are a couple of wedding make-up styles you can opt for:

1. Contemporary Wedding Make-Up
The soft sparkles of mixed colors such as plum and pink will give you a natural and chic glow.

2. Hollywood Starlet Wedding Make-Up
This make-up entails smoky eyes, full lips and bare blush. The emphasis of this style of wedding make-up is on the eyes and the lips.

3. Classically Feminine Wedding Make-Up
By blending neutral tones set against your skin tone, this traditional make-up look will play up your feminine features.

4. Spanish Flair Wedding Make-Up
Similar to the Hollywood Starlet Wedding Make-Up because of the smoky look and full red lips, you're sure to have eyes on you. It will also give the impression that you will be dancing tango or flamenco after the ceremony.

5. Vintage Romance Wedding Make-Up
The usual colors are cream and peaches. This is perfect for fair-skinned brides because it accentuates their skin tone, giving them a warm effect.

6. Glamour Goddess Wedding Make-Up
With full eyes and full pouting lips like that of Angelina Jolie's, go all out on your glamorous day. You're not only a bride, you're a goddess.

7. Retro Regal Wedding Make-Up
Mostly inspired by Audrey Hepburn, this make-up gives off the regal effect. You're a bride-and-princess on your special day.

8. Garden Party Wedding Make-Up
Inspired by British garden weddings, your make-up with shades of plum and rose will turn you into a flower in no time.

There are others who prefer hiring professional wedding make-up artists. Some may be expensive than most but you can see the difference.

With their extensive experience and high-quality staff, professional make-up artists can not only fix your make-up, they will also be responsible for your hair. Plus, they bring with them hair accessories once the situation requires it. By creating the style that you dream of since you were a little girl, professional make-up artists will be your fairy godmother.

After hiring a professional make-up artist, you must schedule an appointment with them. This is to give the make-up artist appropriate time to ponder on the most suitable look for you. She will suggest the style that works best with your skin tone. She will also think of the right hairstyle.

Another good thing about having a professional make-up artist on your side is not only will she take care of your make-up, she also knows the right brush, comb and headpiece. You will totally be in good hands.

Every bride would love to look her best. She will also feel her best, thanks to the professional make-up artist and her staff. You, as the bride, can just relax by taking a seat and having fun as they do all the work for you.

If you have suggestions or you perused through a particular look that you fancy as you flip through bridal magazines, do not hesitate to come forward and show this to your professional make-up artist. Of course, you have a say on how you will look like. The make-up artist is there to also provide as second opinion, thanks to her expertise.

Now that you have another wedding aspect planned, you can take a deep breathe and remove the crossing of your fingers. You know for sure that everyone's attention will be on you the very minute you make your way to the altar.



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